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What is Fingo?

FINGO is a Latin verb meaning: to create, build, manufacture, shape, model, represent, transform, change, renew, imagine, invent, instruct, and more! (fingo, fingis, finxi, fingere, fictum)



Fingo’s mission is to design and distribute image technologies that promote, document, and secure your projects. Fingo is a leader in the design of long-term time-lapse systems. Our cameras are manufactured with top-quality components.

Sustainable development, social responsibility and corporate memory capture are just some of the motivating factors that have driven us to create innovative communication tools since 2009.


Outstanding installation

Our technical team offers turnkey solutions. Our technicians are tradespeople certified in construction site health and safety.


Peace of mind

We use state-of-the-art, weather-resistant equipment. Our reliable installers ensure proper and aesthetic installation of our devices and continued equipment maintenance throughout your project.


Audiovisual production

Because we deliver exceptional image quality, we can also offer audiovisual production services. To ensure that your video tells a compelling story, our team has the expertise to select the best footage from thousands of images, thus meeting your communication requirements.

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Follow the progress of your project, from anywhere, anytime, in real time.

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Aerial drone footage is the best way to show the scope of your project.

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